Your Stage, Your Say!

The one thing guaranteed with the Parajiya Pattni Association is our strong voice & the youth are no different. So we felt a platform was needed to hear from the younger generation within the community. This is your chance to express your thoughts and opinions on whatever you feel should be heard.

Whether it be politics, business, education, social, health, art, sports, school, religion, spiritual, career, fashion…or something more close to home with our community; maybe you have an opinion on what’s changed, what needs to change, what you’d like to see changed.Or maybe you’ve experienced a challenge that you overcame and would love to share that with others to help. Maybe you have advice on something that others can benefit from. Rearing children in one-parent families, getting over a tragedy, getting back into work, starting a business, travelling around the world or simply how to cook your first Indian meal for 10 – you choose and get writing.

This is the first time such a platform has been available so lets not waste it…get writing! Email your articles to info@ipattni.com

Our launch article is below…click to read the full article. Its certainly food for thought & feel free to comment too

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