A few decades ago, when you mentioned the term ‘youth’ – you were most likely referring to someone between the ages of 16 and 30. Not anymore (maybe, we just need to find a new name!).

Youth today is pretty much anyone who is ‘young at heart’ and there’s a whole lot of you out there who fit this description. So whether you’re single, married, with kids, under 16, over 18 or over 40 and you enjoy having fun, have great ideas and like to spend time with people who have a similar outlook, you want to be part of this group.

The youth have been an integral part of our community; after all, it’s the future. And even better, within our young community, we have a whole host of talent, professions and personality present. Naturally, as responsibilities increase and locations alter, this group continues to evolve and change. But then again, change is always good. And this year has been no different;-)

Thanks to a new injection of people, personalities and passion, it’s been a busy year so far. It all kicked off with Navrarti 2012 – where new faces brought in new steps (13 step Raas) which very quickly brought back old faces. And before we knew it, our Kingsbury Hall was lit up with youngsters having fun. The perfect opportunity to hear about new ideas and get others involved. And it worked a charm because then followed the…

…Boat Party

If we’re going to do something, lets do it properly eh! Our first event went off with a huge, harmonious bang involving PPA youngsters UK wide. With a coachful from Leicester and numbers at their maximum from London, it was the perfect way to get the young PPA acquainted with their cross-city counterparts. The boat sailed with a full house and it was great to see new and old faces hit the dancefloor – in what was a safe and secure environment for all to enjoy. With the DJ rocking out the tunes, PPA boys and girls making moves on the dancefloor and scrumptious food provided by London families, it was the perfect way to kick of Youth community in 2012.

What’s to come…

The Boat Party has been the catalyst to our youngsters getting to know each other again across regions which had gotten lost over the last decade. But not anymore! London youth have met a number of times both socially and to discuss upcoming event which include a Disco Dandiya, a theatrical play and go karting – mamma mia, so much to look out for! There is also a Pool Tournament in Leicester for all to get involved in and possibility of cross-regional youth events!

More plans have taken shape by and for the Youth. Plans have been put in place for Navratri including new steps which they’ll be teaching all of you, a themed photo booth during the weekend and something for the little ones too – “An Introduction to Navratri”

Get Involved

If you want to be involved with the Youth, regardless of age and have some ideas and talent that you think we should hear, or would like to submit an item for the upcoming National Diwali function held in London, contact us on: info@ipattni.com