‘Behind every successful man, is a woman’

When it comes to the Mahila Mandal, this statement most certainly rings true. The Mahila Mandal (London) have been a part of the PPA London Region for over 20 years and have grown in strength, confidence and numbers.

A successfully active and commercial sub-team of the Executive Committee, they independently organise an array of events catered for the women in our community, including the elderly. And after years of cultivating the female members of the PPA, their success is evident to all


Mother’s Day – an important day in every woman’s life, for years Mahila Mandal have created fun and exciting functions to celebrate this auspicious day. Whether it’s a mum that’s happy to get away from the daily grind at home, a husband treating his better half or a child wanting to give something back, there is always a great turn out.

Purshtom Mass – Ever three years, the women, both young and old, celebrate Purshtom Mass. And what a way to do it – a good old-fashioned trip to the seaside with Thepla and Shak on board! Prayers and picnic combined, they participate fully in the fun and frolics of garbas, dancing and playing antakshri. You can still hear their voices and laughter late at night as they return

Satsang – It’s been a decade now with no sign of stopping – and why should they! A monthly event held every last Saturday of the month at Brahmin Hall in North Wembley

Navratri wouldn’t have that goddess touch if it wasn’t for the hard work, effort and dedication of the Mahila Mandal and their team of female volunteers. The last 30 years these women have lined up to prepare Prashad for all 9 days, ensure Arti thalis are decorated and organised competitions for the community to take part in. In addition, our most prized possession, our Mataji Murti, is cared for, dressed and transported safely to shine a light on our community during this festival of nine nights.

Add to the above Diwali, Christmas, New Years Eve….these women don’t stop and that’s on top of caring for their own families.

Want to get involved? Or just want to know about the next event? Contact a member of the team at:- mahilamandal@ipattni.com