Parajiya Pattni Association UK…where it all began!

The Parajiya Pattni Association UK’s history dates back to the early 70s and, it may come as a surprise to many, that the community was originally created in Leicester, Leicestershire. The purpose? To cultivate a close-knit community and cater for those who had chosen the UK as their new home.

By 1973, the community had grown in numbers as had their identity and an ‘Association’ was formed. Many established individuals were involved in getting this off the ground, including the Late Kantilal Morarji, who was elected the Association’s first President. No different from how the Association works today, he was hugely supported by other office bearers and committee members.

The Association’s task was to guide, educate, advise and act as a supportive unit for all its members, as well as organise a variety of functions and festivals. Over the next decade, the Association grew in numbers, as did its popularity, and it soon became apparent that a channel be created, to help keep the members connected.  Born was the first edition of the Parajiya Pattni Association Census Book.

In the late 70s, the Association had evolved with residents spanning from the SE of England right through the East & West Midlands. A decision was made to transform the Association to a National basis and form a sub-committee constitution.  A constitution prepared and adopted and a new name given; Parajiya Pattni Association UK.

To meet the demands of the continuously expanding PPA UK, elections were regionalised forming 4 major regions: London, Leicester, Birmingham and Luton & Milton Keynes. Each region held their own elections, as per the constitution with office bearers required to meet twice a year for a National meeting.

Since then, the Parajiya Pattni Association UK and its 4 regions have been tremendous in keeping this Association involved, interested and engaged, despite the pressures of an ever-increasing, tough economy. On a National level, our Diwali function continues to be a popular event where members from all regions have the chance to connect with each other after extended absence. Navratri is organised every year in the larger regions and is open to all PPA UK members, allowing members from smaller regions (& unable to celebrate Navratri all 9 days) to experience another source of family, friendship and fun.

Every regional office bearer and their supporting committee members, past and present, have put in a lot of time and effort to put on various programmes throughout their tenure; the Association appreciates the hard work and time volunteered.

The Parajiya Pattni Association UK truly exists because of the members within it and as you all evolve its important the Association does so too. So we continue to welcome any new ideas you have that can help make the programmes organised both relevant and exciting for you to attend. The more you are involved, the more passionate we become. You can submit ideas by emailing info@ipattni.com

I, on behalf of the Executive Committee London and regional committees Luton & Milton Keynes,  Birmingham & Leicester would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the official website for the Parajiya Pattni Association UK and thank all members for their ever-lasting support and loyalty in making the Parajiya Pattni Association UK a community to be proud of.

Kantilal Maganlal Pattni

President (London Region & NEC)


1973:     Association Formed

1973+:   First President, Late Shree Kantilal Morarji, elected

1977/8:  First Edition of the Association Census Book published

1978/9:  Youngest ever President, Chandrakant Mohanlal, elected

1980:     Association transformed to National basis

1980:     Constitution prepared and adopted and Association renamed as Parajiya Pattni Association UK

1980:     First National President Chhotalal Damjibhai, elected

1983:     Second edition of the Parajiya Pattni Association UK Census book published

And as they say in Bollywood, Bees Sal baad…

2013:     First ever official website for Parajiya Pattni Association UK (www.iPattni.com) launched